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Hugh Hunter, CTO of Drizly
On What Makes Payments So Incredibly
Hard | Fun | Exasperating | Worthwhile

What Is Pay-ology?

Swipe. Dip. Tap. Click.

Consumer authenticated. Payment approved.

What’s so hard about that? How about everything.

Payments is the ultimate industry onion, peel back one layer and you see some complexity. Peel back a few more, the complexity makes Fermat’s theorem look solvable. But, hey, we’ve got your back. In four easy to navigate (and fun) modules, you’ll soon be holding court to anyone who’ll listen about the wonders of payments – not to mention be able build a business that’s best positioned for success.

Module 1

Who’s Who And What Do They Do?

Think you know how payments really works? You will after spending a few minutes with Module One. Here’s everything you need to know about payments – but didn’t even know to ask.

Module 2

How The Payment Businesses Make Money

News flash. Not everyone in payments gets a trophy – or even enough to buy one. To find out who gets paid – and why – and who’s best positioned to bring home the bacon, cozy up to Module Two.

Module 3

Making Payments Happen At The Point Of Sale

Begging for forgiveness in payments isn’t an option and coloring outside the lines is a real no-no. Module Three will give you all you need to know to get your idea operational – the right way and the first time.

Module 4

Making Payments Innovation Come Alive

The payments industry is approaching its 60th birthday – so what’s not to fix? Module Four gives you an inside look at some of the most interesting places where your innovations can make the most impact – and how to pick the right pocket of opportunity.

Everything I wish I'd Known About Payments Before I Started,
But Didn’t Know To Ask....