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Anthropic Adds Instagram Co-Founder Mike Krieger as Chief Product Officer

Anthropic app, webpage

Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger has joined artificial intelligence (AI) startup Anthropic as its chief product officer.

In his new role, Krieger will oversee the company’s product engineering, product management and product design efforts, Anthropic said in a Wednesday (May 15) press release.

He joins the company at a time when it is working to expand its suite of enterprise applications and to bring its AI assistant, Claude, to a wider audience, according to the release.

“Mike’s background in developing intuitive products and user experiences will be invaluable as we create new ways for people to interact with Claude, particularly in the workplace,” Dario Amodei, CEO of Anthropic, said in the release.

During his time as co-founder and chief technology officer of Instagram, Krieger grew the company’s engineering team to more than 450 people and helped scale the social media platform to more than a billion users, according to the release.

More recently, over the past three years, Krieger built the personalized news app Artifact before selling it to Yahoo, per the release.

“I’m thrilled to join the exceptional team at Anthropic and partner with them to design and scale transformative products like Claude,” Krieger said in the release. “The potential for AI to positively impact the world is immense, and I believe Anthropic has the talent, principles and technology to help realize that potential.”

This announcement comes two days after Anthropic said it launched its AI assistant in Europe, offering the web-based version, the Claude iOS app and the subscription-based, business-focused Claude Team plan across the continent.

These offerings joined the Claude API, which was launched in Europe earlier this year and allows developers to integrate Anthropic’s AI models into their own applications, websites or services.

On May 1, Anthropic launched its first smartphone app and a new enterprise subscription plan to expand the reach of Claude.

The new iPhone app will sync with the web-based version, allowing users to switch between devices and continue their conversations seamlessly, while its enterprise subscription plan allows companies to provide their employees with enhanced access to Claude and will soon add more features.