The Final Mile of APIs?

The Final Mile of APIs?

Even though the underlying technology is about to turn twenty, there is nothing fresher or cooler than APIs in the banking world right now. The underlying spirit of the API is to enable easy and structured communication between two or more software applications, but generically the word is used to imply a technology, a philosophy and a business model. We provide an overview of what APIs practically mean for Banks, Corporate Clients and FinTechs as well as the technology and business implications of the era of the API. Any how do we move from the first generation API strategies to the tools and techniques that will make clients lives better and drive value at the bank.

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The Details

When: Tuesday, December 5th at 1:00pm EST

Presenter: Lisa Shields, CEO of FI.SPAN

Learning Outcomes:

  1. What an API is in reality, defining some common terms and concepts.
  2. Providing a history of the impact APIs on other industries have had in other spaces and how they came to be the hottest thing in banking and FinTech.
  3. Provide example of real life use cases, where banks are leveraging APIs to make customers lives better.