Trump Says Wide Range Of Issues Discussed At Tech Summit

A day after President-Elect Donald Trump met with technology leaders from Silicon Valley, his office released a synopsis of what went down during the meeting that brought Trump together with the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Intel and Palantir.

According to the Trump camp, during the meeting, a wide range of issues that impact both American workers and American companies was discussed. The discussions included “specific innovative solutions that have been blocked by narrow thinking in Washington,” Trump’s team said in the press release. Trump also expressed an open mind and willingness to listen, which Trump’s release said was “greatly received by the industry leaders in attendance.”

Without providing many specifics, Trump’s team said the topics discussed included creating more jobs for American workers; eliminating barriers preventing American companies from doing business in other countries; America’s competitive trade dynamic and market access with China; cutting taxes; repatriation of American profits kept overseas by prohibitive tax rates; improving physical and digital infrastructures; protecting intellectual property rights; improving America’s cybersecurity; updating government software systems; technology in schools; the need for greater vocational education opportunities; reducing bureaucracy; and introducing greater accountability in the government procurement process.

“The leaders in attendance also praised the ingenuity and energy of the American workforce, and President-Elect Trump suggested reconvening the tech leaders again in the future, perhaps as frequently as every quarter,” the release said.

The meeting between Trump, his team and the technology leaders is pretty historic given the opposition many people in Silicon Valley had against Trump during the run-up to the election. During the election, there was a contentious push-and-pull between President-Elect Donald Trump and Silicon Valley. The majority of Silicon Valley leaders have been at odds with Trump since the beginning — largely due to the Trump campaign’s messages about limiting free trade and its staunch anti-immigration stance — with the notable exception of PayPal Cofounder Peter Thiel.



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