Silicon Valley, Trump Inching Toward Working Together Amid Concern

Can’t we all just “get along?”

For months, during the election, there was a contentious push-and-pull between President-Elect Donald Trump and Silicon Valley. Now, that the reality of a Trump administration has settled in — not to mention the drubbing that many of the tech stocks have taken since he was elected — some leaders in the Valley are coming to the table with the objective of all trying to just get along.

Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos recently tweeted that he would lend Trump his most open mind and “wished him great success in his service to the country.” Venture capitalist Chris Sacca said the tech community is open to helping Trump “to help those Americans who need it most” and offered a muted call to Trump to reach out to the tech community to try to work together.

Trump has been slow to publicly respond, but there are some things that are starting to happen, even if a bit out of the public spotlight. Oracle Co-CEO Safra Catz recently met with Trump, and naturally, the rumor mill is firing full-tilt that she could be up for a cabinet position. IBM CEO Ginny Rometty has already reached out to Trump through an open letter, suggesting policy positions for him to consider.

Of some concern to all — and particularly the tech community — is who Trump will listen to for recommendations on a variety of issues that are likely to impact them. Former Breitbart CEO and now Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon recently called out Silicon Valley on a number of issues, including the diversity of its CEOs, while his potential top cop, Sen. Jeff Sessions, has historically butted heads over immigration reform.

Here’s to hoping the olive branch for all parties gets extended, so everyone will get along.



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