Positivity Coming Out Of Trump’s Travel Ban?

Travelers Spend More On Luxury

Like it or not, the travel ban put in place by the Trump administration is causing an uproar of issues.

With protests at nearly all major airports across America, lawsuits are being filed left and right. To help with financing these legal arbitrations, many have found themselves wanting to help. In order to do this, people have been typically donating through GoFundMe or Kickstarter. These sites have traditionally been used to fund individual projects that include anything from new products to short films and more.

Welcome to the birth of targeted fundraising via the development of CrowdJustice. This crowdsourcing startup specifically focuses on raising money to fund legal cases. In light of the Trump travel ban, the U.K.-based company significantly expedited its move to the U.S. by three weeks.

Reuters quoted CrowdJustice CEO Julia Salasky, who said: “We moved our U.S. launch so that we could go live right after the immigration executive order was announced to give a platform to raise money and support and increase public awareness for legal cases.”

Since its inception 18 months ago, CrowdJustice has raised approximately $2.5 million in legal fees for 150 cases.

This may be the beginning of targeted fundraising websites looking to reach out to a more tailored audience. With the presidential election still recently etched in memory, many people have taken it upon themselves to become more involved in what’s happening in the world. Given this occurrence, there’s a chance that we could see many more opportunities for advocacy-related projects in the works that companies can either make part of their repertoire or break off and start a new project.


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