55% of Consumers Who Buy Groceries Online Use Mobile Devices

The pandemic has brought all manner of in-store commerce to digital channels – including what used to be routine, brick-and-mortar visits to grocery stores. In the Omni Grocery report: What Consumers Expect from their Grocery Shopping Experiences, a collaboration between ACI Worldwide and PYMNTS, surveys of more than 2,300 consumers found that the movement toward working from home has brought an increasing comfort with ordering produce, dairy and all manner of other consumables to be delivered to the front door.

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As many as 34% of consumers have ordered at least one of their usual grocery products online through the past several months. And 55% of consumers who shop for groceries online do so using mobile devices.

There is at least some shift in the types of grocery store brands/store types being patronized. More consumers shopped at large national chains this past summer than had been seen a year ago last fall.

As for the payment methods they are wielding online (and even offline), more than half of consumers are using debit and credit cards.

But drilling down a bit, the younger generation is interested in using technology in the service of their payments.  Roughly half of millennials said they would be interested in using contactless debit and credit cards.