PYMNTS Editor-in-Chief Matt Nesto

Digital River CEO Adam Coyle, Waterdrop Founder and CEO Martin Murray and 100% Pure Founder and CEO Ric Kostick
Saturday, April 20, 2024
4:11 pm
As consumers continue to seek new and exciting retail experiences, they are expanding their horizons and dabbling in cross-border eCommerce. And while the $562 billion industry – slated to reach $4.2 trillion by 2027 – presents new economic opportunity, it also creates challenges for both the retailer and the consumer. These transactions are reportedly 11% more friction-filled for consumers and cost 17% more than their domestic counterparts, all the while navigating cultural differences, differing customer expectations and more. How can merchants anticipate consumer needs from a global perspective? How can they ensure their website experience meets customer expectations and is compatible? Tune in as PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster discusses this topic and more with expert guests from Digital River, 100% Pure and Waterdrop. Attendees will learn…
  • About the friction points between consumers and eTailers engaged in cross-border eCommerce
  • Just how much pricing, customer service and consumer preferences differ across borders
  • How suitable currency and payment localization can maximize merchant success

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