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The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Consumers can get recommendations based on the Apple products they already own, learn which accessories are compatible with their devices and more.
  • Apple eCommerce Store Redesign Mimics App Setup

    August 4, 2021Apple eCommerce Store Redesign Mimics App Setup
    The Apple Store has been redesigned and the company restored the dedicated Store tab in its navigation bar. The new Store web page, which includes a carousel of product categories ...
  • Tinder Pulls A Spotify And Drops Google App Store Signups

    July 21, 2019Tinder Pulls A Spotify And Drops Google App Store Signups
    Tinder removed Google Play Store integration within its Android app to avoid Google’s service charge, which can be as high as 30%.  Tinder users who want to subscribe to premium services ...
  • Apple Gearing Up To Open Second Southeast Asia Store In Thailand

    October 25, 2018Apple Gearing Up To Open Second Southeast Asia Store In Thailand
    Apple is expanding its presence in Southeast Asia, choosing Thailand as the home for its second Apple Store in Southeast Asia. A tech media outlet, citing comments Apple made on its ...
  • Apple Launches National Parks Initiative

    August 23, 2018Apple Launches National Parks Initiative
    Apple has announced a new initiative that will help its customers support and enjoy America’s national parks. From Aug. 24 through 31, the company is donating $1 to the National Park ...
  • YouTube Is King Of iPhone Apps

    March 22, 2018YouTube Is King Of iPhone Apps
    YouTube is now the top-grossing iPhone app in the U.S. for the first time. According to TechCrunch, the U.S. is the only country where YouTube’s iPhone app has ever hit the ...
  • Debit Card Scammer Steals $350K In Apple Products

    January 4, 2018Debit Card Scammer Steals $350K In Apple Products
    A Sacramento man has pleaded guilty to stealing $350,000 worth of Apple devices from stores across the U.S. According to Cult of Mac, 33-year-old Marcus Israel Butler committed debit card fraud ...
  • Apple’s Retail Flagship’s Winter Weather Woes

    December 29, 2017Apple's Retail Flagship's Winter Weather Woes
    Apple‘s Chicago flagship store in Chicago has often been praised as a marvel of design.  It even has a MacBook-shaped roof. It does, however, have one small issue. Its design might not ...
  • Apple Removes MyEtherWallet Fake App

    December 12, 2017Apple Removes MyEtherWallet Fake App
    Apple pulled a paid iOS app from its App Store on Monday (Dec. 11) after MyEtherWallet, a free app to store digital currencies, complained the paid version had appropriated its ...
  • Apple Watch Can Now Make Apple Store Purchases

    December 6, 2016Apple Watch Can Now Make Apple Store Purchases
    Apple just recently rolled out another new bit of functionality for the Apple Watch. The latest version of the Apple Store app for Apple watch now allows wearers to make ...
  • It’s Not ‘The Apple Store’ Anymore

    August 23, 2016It's Not 'The Apple Store' Anymore
    “The Apple Store” will soon be no more. But don’t panic — the physical retail locations aren’t going anywhere. Apple is just switching up the branding. Going forward, Apple will no longer refer to ...
  • Apple Takes A Bite Out Of Luxury Retail

    December 14, 2015
    With its position in tech retail firmly ensconced, is Apple looking to give the likes of luxury brands like Tiffany and Coach a run for their money? Recent moves of ...