Self-Service Kiosk Maker Frank Mayer Debuts Bill Payment, Change Dispensing Unit

Retailers Focus On Visual Search For Apps, Kiosks

Frank Meyer and Associates, the interactive kiosk and retail display manufacturer, has added the Gateway kiosk to its line of products, a press release said Tuesday (Feb. 22).

The new unit offers a bill payment option for companies that want to offer automated cash payment and recycling.

The release says the Gateway kiosk comes with payment handling capabilities, able to take Europay-MasterCard-Visa-standard (EMV) contactless cards, or cash payments, and dispense exact change.

Bill payment self-service solutions can work in applications like government, retail and attractions.

“As a whole, self-service technology provides multiple benefits centered on convenience and ease-of-use,” says Mike Mayer, president at Frank Mayer and Associates. “But the specific advantage of a bill payment kiosk is providing a variety of payment options to customers at accessible locations.”

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PYMNTS wrote that restaurants have had to innovate to keep ahead of today’s trends for customers.

A recent PYMNTS report says that one in four customers would be enticed to buy more from a restaurant if it came with self-service kiosk ordering.

And 23% said they would do that if there were access to auto-updated menus, and 23% more on top of that would pay with digital wallets if they could.

Meanwhile, an additional 19% would be in favor of in-store QR codes.

According to Steph So, head of digital experience with Shake Shack, kiosks are “largely undervalued” as a way for restaurants to find success.

“The customer has certainly voted that the experience of ordering on a kiosk versus ordering face-to-face with a person is actually preferred,” she said.

QR codes can be more divisive — while younger customers might favor them, older people in particular find the experience difficult.

“They don’t know how to access the QR code … and that hampers the entire customer experience,” said  Michele Baker Benesch, president of Menu Men, a company that designs and manufacturers print and digital menus.