Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps Shows Brands Hunkering Down for Summer

You may have clicked this link looking for radical changes of position in PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps. Sorry to disappoint, but this is not the month for rank changes.

In a Top-10 ranking that’s been packing in 15 apps in recent months due to tied scores, you would expect a move here and there. Nope. We’ll make short work of this because, as has been made amply clear, not a single app has changed position since last we checked.

It’s kind of impressive when you look at how this collection of apps is holding its ground.

The Top 5

Shining at No. 1 again is fast-fashion expert Shein.

That’s got to annoy Walmart, which sticks at No. 2, and Amazon, still found at No. 3.

The AliExpress Shopping App holds its position at No. 4 for another cycle.

It’s a fitness summer, apparently, as the Nike app keeps to No. 5 and closes out the Top 5.

The Top 10

Below the Top-5 line, the first app we encounter is, unmoved.

Still locked in a battle for the No. 7 spot, it’s Etsy and Target.

Not to be dislodged from its seat at No. 8 is the Poshmark app.

Then we have the somewhat bizarre (but not unprecedented) four-way tie for No. 9 that involves the shopping apps of AdidaseBayOfferUp and Sam’s Club. Figure that one out.

While you’re figuring out that four-way tie at No. 9, give a thought to the ongoing two-way battle for No. 10 between the Fetch Rewards and Home Depot apps.

Is it autumn yet?