Sling is empowering the underserved micro-merchant sector by enabling them to accept payments from any consumer owning a smartphone.
With 50M micro-businesses in Europe and an additional 100M in emerging markets, the massive amount of businesses working outside the Banking/Credit circles accumulate to an $80B industry.

Sling is democratizing technology, enabling micro-businesses (tier 6) to finally adopt advanced payment methods, unlock analytics and leverage loyalty channels that have been nonexistent until now.

Merchants onboard the service in mere minutes and start accepting payments in a frictionless process. Merchants are geared with payment-enabled tangibles, named “Slings”: payment bracelets, labels and tags.

Consumers scan the bracelet with Sling’s app, instantly identifying and paying the merchant, requiring zero interaction between the two. Merchants collect their earnings on a weekly basis, which are directly deposited into their bank, PayPal account or loaded onto a prepaid debit card.

Executive Team

Erez Yerushalmi


Jacob Cohen


Yacov Cohen



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