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StoreFront Businesses And The Small Business Economy

What’s On The Minds – And The Balance Sheets –Of StoreFront Businesses Across America

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PYMNTS is talking to and benchmarking the health of the businesses that are the heartbeat of the local economy, state by state, as primary season gets underway. How does each state – and each merchant – compare? We’ll tell you.

What Is a StoreFront Business?

StoreFront businesses are the heartbeat of the local economy – the shops that line the main streets and side streets of the local community. It’s the convenience store, dry cleaner, fitness center, hardware store, home remodeler, coffee shop, local restaurant and watering hole, the hair salon. The PYMNTS StoreFront Business IndexTM has assembled data on each and every one of these businesses across the U.S. and measures their vitality every single quarter. Think of it as your window into the health of this vital sector each every 90 days.


New Hampshire: Store Front Business Index

Index Trends for New Hampshire, the North East Region, and the United States (2007:Q1=100)

  • U.S.
  • Region
  • New Hampshire

Change in the Index Value Over the Last 4 Quarters

  • 2014:Q2
  • 2015:Q2

Growth from 2014:Q2 to 2015:Q2

  • Growth

The StoreFront Index | New Hampshire Style

Why are Storefront’s in The Granite State underperforming the rest of the U.S.?

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Q2 2015 GROWTH

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