Biometric Authentication in the Age of Mobile

51% of Online Buyers Used Biometrics Instead of Passwords Biometric authentication, once just a sci-fi trope, has become so common that most consumers who shopped online used biometrics to validate their purchase. PYMNTS Intelligence’s latest study of 3,278 U.S. consumers explores why so many users like biometrics — and what it will take to win over the half who are holdouts. Read more in “Tracking the Digital Payments Takeover: Biometric Authentication in the Age of Mobile,” a collaboration with AWS.
Inside the September Report
  • 26%: Portion of consumers who cite faster checkout as the most important reason to use biometric authentication
  • 51%: Share of Gen Z consumers who have used facial recognition to validate their online purchases
  • 84%: Portion of baby boomers and seniors who did not use biometric authentication methods last month

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