How We Will Pay 2020

NEW DATA: How We Will Pay 2020: With Connected Devices, At Home And During The Week

Connected devices have freed consumers from the limits of the nine-to-five. Today, 128 million Americans grocery shop and 151 million retail shop during the week — digital-first and from the comfort of their homes. The How We Will Pay 2020 report, the fourth annual PYMNTS and Visa collaboration, surveys a national sample of 9,587 consumers to understand how connected devices are unlocking new digital, cashless experiences and turning their homes into commerce command centers. Here’s what we learned.

Key findings from our research include:
  • 18 million consumers are shopping for retail products and 27 million are now grocery shopping from home using connected devices.
  • 23 million consumers who own voice-activated speakers now use them to make purchases while going about their daily routines.
  • 60 percent of consumers – 148 million people – want to use contactless payments at the point of sale.