Intelligence of Things Tracker– Profile Submission / Update Form

IoT Tracker – Developer Profile Submission / Update Form

The IoT TrackerTM is designed to illustrate this vast ecosystem IoT brings and the components it takes to deliver these complex and sophisticated applications. Inside, we put our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in this rapidly growing space. Each month we will share the latest news, explore exciting use cases and profile the companies providing a range of services to bring “things” to life.

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Wearable devices with usage like health and fitness tracking.

Machines and Appliances

Manufactured products containing sensors to transmit data.


Handsets with embedded chips for IoT capability.


Cars and Trucks with integrated circuitry for IoT.


Architecture necessary for connecting devices, including sensors, chips, gateways and platforms.


Gateways, infrastructure and software associated with payments in the IoT world.


Security solutions for the IoT environment, including data and devices.


Software developments with IoT applications.


Data infrastructure, collection, storage, processing, modeling, analysis and visualization