Subscription Commerce Conversion Index

Subscription Commerce Conversion

The Subscription Commerce Conversion Index™, a Recurly collaboration, measures frictions that exists in the digital shopping experience for subscription services and products and how they affect the final conversion rates for a merchant. This index analyzes why certain sites are better at converting sales than others by examining several pre-payment factors that generate either friction or sales.

January 2018 FINDINGS

59.8 out of 100 was the average Subscription Commerce Index Score, down 1.3 points (2.1 percent) from Q2.

SaaS/Cloud computing was the highest rated industry, receiving a score of 81 out of 100, compared to the worst performing industry, business services, which sored a 53.2 out of 100.

100% of the top 20 merchants offer plan options

The average time it took to sign up for subscription services was 114.6 seconds, a 221.sec (16.2 percent) drop from Q2.

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