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A BlueSnap Collaboration


The influence and ease of connected devices has been changing the way consumers shop and pay. But merchants are still working their way to fully cashing in on this demand.

Despite the impressive estimates for eCommerce growth, consumers continue to abandon their virtual carts at alarmingly high rates. Why is it so hard to “close” a customer that has gone to the trouble to find a merchant online, decide what they would like to buy – yet leave before they push the “buy” button? Understanding how to make it easier for consumers to do that can mitigate not only lost sales, but turn a shopper into a repeat customer.

It’s a problem that costs merchants big – as much as 36 percent of their sales, depending on the type of merchant and just how bad the online checkout experience is for shoppers. The Checkout Conversion IndexTM (CCI) with BlueSnap collaboration, measures the friction that consumers experience when they go shopping digitally.

The CCI measures the result of shopping at over 650 U.S.-based eCommerce sites across 14 merchant categories, representing over 70 percent of all U.S. eCommerce spends

The index also identifies website elements that are most responsible for creating problems during the shopping process and, therefore, are most likely to result in cart abandonment and lost sales for a merchant. The CCI measures this friction.

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