The Myth of Global Marketplaces: How Borders Impact A Two-Sided Platform

The Myth of “Global” Marketplaces: How Borders Impact A Two-Sided Platform

In the most basic sense, the goal of online marketplaces is to connect as many buyers with as many sellers as possible. Achieving this at a domestic level is relatively straightforward as the experience is consistent for both the buyer and seller in regards to pricing, currency, language, etc. Things get tricky when platforms want to open a local marketplace to global users.

While many claim to have 'localized' versions of their marketplaces, it begs the question: just who are they localized for? Providing sellers with the same frictionless user experience as buyers isn’t as easy as you might think.

On September 14th join Karen Webster, CEO, PYMNTS and Michael Ting, SVP, Digital Markets at Hyperwallet for a live digital discussion around the myths of “global” marketplaces and how borders impact a two-sided platform.

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During this live digital discussion you will:

  • Learn the importance of a localized payout experience
  • Discover the barriers that two-sided marketplaces need to overcome in order to open up truly global commerce on a platform
  • Analyze the pros and cons of a variety of so-called “global” solutions
  • Identify what marketplaces should look for in a global payout partner

Date and Time: Thursday, September 14, 2017 | 1:00 PM (EST) – 2:00 PM (EST)

Host: Karen Webster, CEO, PYMNTS

Guest: Michael Ting, SVP, Digital Markets at Hyperwallet

Guest: Michael Ting, SVP, Digital Markets at Hyperwallet

About Michael Ting
Michael has more than 15 years of product, business development, and operations experience in financial services, payments, and digital marketplaces. As the former Head of Payment Services for oDesk (now Upwork), Michael was responsible for global payments product management, operations, and vendor management. This role involved the handling of all payment-related business development activities with financial institutions, merchant acquirers, and payment service providers. Prior to oDesk, Michael managed online payment products at Obopay, Inc., as well as serving in a variety of strategic partnership and operational roles for WR Hambrecht + Co., PayPal, and Barclays Global Investors. Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Business) from UCLA.

About Hyperwallet
Hyperwallet’s payout platform provides growing organizations with a frictionless, transparent and reliable way to manage payments and enhance the payee’s experience anywhere in the world. Trusted by enterprise, ecommerce, and on-demand platforms, Hyperwallet makes it easy to pay up to 7 billion people in a singular payment environment. Put your payees in control with enhanced financial management tools, integrated payment tracking technology, and userfriendly compliance and identity verification. Hyperwallet has offices in San Francisco, Austin, London and Vancouver.