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Today In Data: Same-Day ACH Credit, Square Loans And Ransomware

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In a world of evolving technology and instant offerings, financial institutions (FIs), cybersecurity providers, merchants and consumers must all remain aware of the innovative solutions popping up around them — and the bad actors looking to take advantage.

Today in PYMNTS’ data, FIs are offering same-day credit transfers to businesses, Square’s loans have reached record highs, U.S. adults want easier access to registration systems for outdoor activities, more households than ever are turning to voice-activated assistants and ransomware is becoming increasingly prevalent.


Here are the numbers:

303 billion | The total value of the 47,000 business loans underwritten by Square, up 45 percent year over year

70 million | The number of households that will have at least one voice-activated assistant-powered speaker in residence by 2022

4,000 | The number of ransomware attacks that take place per day, proving cybercrime is becoming a “remorseless” force of nature

50 percent | Percentage of surveyed U.S. adults who would be more inclined to take advantage of parks and recreational facilities if online registration systems were available

43 percent | Percentage of FIs now allowing businesses to originate same-day ACH credit