Today In Data: Credit And Debit Cards Take Over Cash

Credit cards

With the way that credit and debit cards are going, it seems that there will probably be a time in the not-too-distant future where money in the form of physical cash will be obsolete.

This week, we’re seeing a myriad of news coming from companies choosing to open up lines of credit through mobile pay apps to those giving rewards for using debit cards online.

Here are the numbers:

$0.20 | Money saved on each gallon of gas for consumers who’ve applied for ExxonMobil’s Smart credit card by July 31

2 percent | Rewards given by Amazon when consumers transfer money to their balance via debit cards

5 percent | Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card rewards given for shopping at Amazon

1,600 | Point-of-sale terminals Visa is deploying at FIFA stadiums

120 | Mobile concessionaires Visa plans to install at FIFA stadiums