Today In Data: Physical Cash’s Exit?

Think about the last time physical cash was used in someone’s daily life. In recent years, there have been conversations about countries like Denmark going cashless and people in the United States using less cash than five years ago. With the many ways technology has streamlined various activities, it should come as no surprise that the use of physical cash will likely soon become passé.

Here are the numbers for recent digital payment developments:

10 | Number of markets where Google’s Android Pay is now available. Google is also partnering with Visa and Mastercard to improve PayPal’s mobile checkout, and it introduced its new Google Payment API to make online purchases easier.

12 | Mastercard-guided FinTech acceleration program Russian FinTech startups participating to promote digital currency exploration

$7.5 million | Venture funding raised by startup company Greenlight that provides debit cards to children

54 percent | Percentage of active Malauzai Software users utilizing mobile banking, which soared up to 70 percent for financial institutions

$35 million | Amount raised in bitcoin offering within 30 seconds by cryptocurrency startup Brave