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Today in Data: The Flow of Funding

Moving the ball for most any business includes a variety of things to get it going. From finding the right business partners to securing interested investors and figuring out whether or not the product/service is viable in the market, there are many moving parts involved.

One piece of the puzzle that all businesses hinge on and cannot do without is often what brings businesses crumbling down.

Money. Without the continual flow of it, business as we know it would be extinct.

In today’s news, payment technology companies and banks are involved with funding rounds. Of particular interest, SoftBank may be buying a large chunk of Uber’s stock.

Here are the numbers:

$47 million | Equity VC funding raised by digital marketing intelligence company SimilarWeb

$112 million | Amount of funding SimilarWeb has received to date

$2 billion | Amount SoftBank invested in Southeast Asia’s Didi prior to rumors circulating of its interest in Uber

$43.1 million | Amount USA Technologies raised in its underwritten public offering

$950 million | Final purchase price of Snapdeal by Flipkart

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