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Today in Data: Wells Fargo Updates

To say that it’s been a rough few years for Wells Fargo would be an understatement. Within just the last few months, we’ve reported on myriad scandals involving the banking giant. From news of it being ordered to pay out $142 million to its customers over fake accounts to spinning off parts of its business and a rather large customer information data breach, it’s understandable to see the amount of scrutiny and hardship Wells Fargo is undergoing.

This week, we’re learning about its auto insurance policy snafu, its decision to make layoffs at the executive level and the removal of its board.

Here are the numbers:

800,000 | Customers charged for unnecessary Wells Fargo auto insurance

570,000 | Determined number of affected Wells Fargo auto customers

$64 million | Amount to be paid out to Wells Fargo auto customers over next few months

69 | Number of laid off executives in Wells Fargo’s retail units

91 | Amount of region bank presidents left after consolidation of Wells Fargo’s regional presidents and area presidents into one role.

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