Marking The Growth Charts

Spring is here, and growth spurts are the rule of the day. Apple managed to notch bigger sales and revenue growth last quarter and has some great expectations for growth in its Services department. Regulatory footprints are also expanding — hopefully in such a way that will mean money laundering is shrinking. B2B eCommerce systems will soon be worth over a trillion dollars. Even the music industry is growing for independent artists who can now be paid in real time.

$1.2 trillion: Total sales revenue forecast to pass through B2B eCommerce systems by 2021.

52.2 million: The number of iPhones Apple sold during the March quarter.

$50 billion: What Apple projects sales from its Services department will be by 2020.

35 percent: Share of music industry sales generated by independent (non-top 40) artists.

25 percent: The amount of equity stake an individual can hold in an entity to be considered a beneficial owner.