Today In Data

You Get What You Pay For (So Know What You’re Buying)

It always pays to know what one is getting into; it can be expensive not to — just ask anyone who jumped blindly into bitcoin in December. But beyond knowing what one is buying, it also helps to know how one is paying — and what benefits or costs come with that. It’s also a good idea for businesses to know who is paying them and how to make that happen more often. And if you aren’t paying but are still getting a service somehow? It’s best to know who or what is paying for that service for you.


$19,783.06 — The pinnacle of bitcoin’s price, according to CoinDesk.

8,700 — the number of farmer’s markets in the U.S.

32 percent — of U.S. consumers prefer mobile browsers over apps.

10-20 percent — of restaurants’ annual business comes from special events.

0 — The number of dollars it costs to use Facebook.