Today In Data

Today In Data: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

There is a lot to be happy about in 2018 — despite the sometimes dire tone of the headlines. Wages have been going up, consumers have reported feeling more economically stable and cross-border trade is on the incline. However, for all the reasons to put out more celebratory flags, there are plenty of caution lights flashing — seen among the scores of consumers who are much more economically fragile than they may appear. And in an era where one is never too young to have their identity pirated by a cybercriminal, it’s easy to feel worried that one is always on the verge of having their data used against them. So, how to strike the balance between progress and protection for consumers?


$6 billion: The cost of synthetic identity fraud to businesses in 2016.

$60K-$75K: The amount of annual income most conducive to human happiness, according to Gallup.

695: The average American credit score.

84 percent: The share of Irish consumers who shop cross-border.

54 percent: The share of Chinese consumers who shop cross-border because quality of goods is their primary interest.