Today In Data

The More Things Change…

Everyone remembers the adage: The more things change, the more they remain the same. Though much has changed in the digital age, much does remain the same. We still watch TV, albeit different from the way we once did. We want good customer service, though — worldwide — we don’t necessarily need it from a person. Buying toys, particularly around the holiday season, continues to be the plan for 2018, despite the end of Toys R Us. And, despite wide projections of doom, consumers are still shopping in the real world, though their journey to the point of sale may be much more digitally moderated than ever before.


$55 billion: The projected worth of the mPOS market by 2024.

26 percent: The share of Indian consumers who prefer interacting through an app, rather than with a human employee.

4.4 hours: The amount of time Nielson estimates the average American spends watching TV per day.

12 percent: The share of the U.S. toy market Toys R Us is said to have controlled at the time of its closure.

1,000: The expected number of KB pop-up stores this Christmas.