Managing Money Responsibly — And Not So Responsibly


If looking for evidence that we live in an increasingly digital world, one need not look much further than the veritable explosion in online and mobile banking in the last half decade. The majority of Americans are rocking at least half of financial services app, and the global middle-class are moving toward universal usage. A central, digital hub to organize one’s financial life may be even more important for U.S. consumers since, as of this week, they won the ability to gamble more — SCOTUS said the states are free to embrace sports betting. Illegal gambling could take a hit, as could some consumer banks accounts, but at least they’ll be able to easily check how big of a hit in real time — thanks to their mobile banking apps.

85 percent: The share of business relationships consumers expect to handle without human interaction by the year 2020.

81 percent: The share of global middle-class consumers who use banking and financial services apps.

$150 billion: The estimated total value of the illegal gambling market.

40: The number of states with land-based casinos.

60 percent: The share of U.S. smartphone users who have at least one financial app downloaded.