Today In Data

Today In Data: Digital Retail Innovation

New technologies bring new opportunities to serve consumers, and retailers are offering their customers more digital options than ever to meet their wants and needs. They are innovating to meet consumer demand for new payment methods, and to improve customer convenience through technologies such as kiosks. At the same time, sports gambling is a big business: The American Gaming Association said that Americans wager a whopping $150 billion on sports annually. And in the art world, Christie’s is testing a new blockchain application that is said to encrypt the registration of art transactions.


$150 billion: The amount that the American Gaming Association said U.S. consumers wager on sports annually.

1,000: The number of U.S. stores per quarter where McDonald’s plans to add self-service over an eight- to nine-quarter period.

$300 million: The value of the Barney A. Ebsworth art collection, which is involved with Christie’s pilot of a blockchain art transaction application, is estimated to exceed this amount.

56 percent: The percentage of retailers that say they innovate to meet consumer demand for new payment methods.

49 percent: The percentage of retailers that believe innovation is imperative to improving business applications for back-office operations.