Today In Data

The New Workaday World

In the next year alone, the gig economy will generate around $1.4 billion in revenue for its workers, but $1.2 trillion will be paid out on platforms that don’t source leads for their workers. The world of work is changing but still has a way to go. And the workers — now an emerging class of entrepreneurs — need to become expert managers of their own finances, which seems troublesome given Americans’ interesting relationship to credit and debt management. And while the worker-to-entrepreneur transformation is taking place, workplaces are shifting as well, particularly when it comes to equipping these new employees. The new workaday world has arrived, which means it’s time for workers and workplaces to step up.

$1.4 trillion: The forecasted amount of money gig economy workers will generate in 2018.

$200 billion: The estimated size of the global equipment rental market.

30 percent: The share of Americans who don’t know their credit score.

20 percent: The share of gig economy workers paid via digital platforms that source their leads.

900: The types of equipment carried on the KWIPPED platform.