The Rapid Evolution Of ‘Getting The Job Done’

The world of work — in the U.S. and elsewhere — is radically and rapidly changing shape. The era of the employee is giving way to the age of the gig worker, though possibly not quite as fast people think. Almost half of all Americans are bringing in large swaths of their income with gig work, but a majority are still holding on to a day job while they do it. The move to independent workers and work is not stateside only — in India, over one-third of GDP is accounted for by the micro-, small- and medium-sized business (SMB). Workers are also the only ones getting the job done — banks are learning to reset their priorities in building consumer experiences, and ever opening new bank branches. A smart play, according to recent data out of TSYS, which demonstrates that consumers want cutting edge experiences, but like them better when coming from trusted partners.

55 percent: The share of gig workers who also maintain a full-time job.

40 percent: The share of American workers who make at least 40 percent of their income through gig work.

70: The number of new bank branches JPMC plans to open in the Washington D.C. area.

25 percent: The approximate share of U.S. households that already use voice-AI through a smart speaker.

38 percent: The share of GDP contributed by India’s SMB segment.