Today In Data

Getting A Glimpse Under The Payments And Commerce Hood

Appearances can be deceiving, which is why avoiding assumptions is often the better part of valor. One might assume major banks are out of subprime home and auto lending, but they’ve mostly just shifted to interacting with the segment remotely. One might think all smart payment terminals are basically alike, or that small merchants aren’t interested in making big mobile upgrades. And it might appear to be easier to build a quantum computer than a quantum internet. But all these assumptions are incorrect — and those appearances are misleading. Luckily, the data is right there to get one back on track.


10 years: The estimated amount of time to make real quantum computing progress according to Dmitry Fedyanin of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

40 billion: The number of payments transactions Worldpay handles annually.

50 percent: The amount mobile visits via mobile app have picked up in the last year.

59 percent: The share of QSRs actively working on, or planning to work on, their mobile capabilities.

$345 billion: The amount banks lent to non-bank mortgage lenders between 2010 and 2016.