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Parking, Platforms And Pigskin — Today In PYMNTS Data


Making life simpler for consumers is usually the task of companies that have to build the technology that enables that simplicity. Challenges aside, the technological streamlining beat goes on, pretty much wherever you look.

The magic word for today’s data is “streamlining.” Whether it be in the hunt for a parking space or the hunt for halftime nachos at a football game. How is the best tech life has to offer simplifying life for consumers while driving, eating and sportsballing? We’ve got it all here.

75 percent of drivers overfeed their parking meters, while only 1 percent pays for less than the time needed.

30 percent of city traffic is generated by people looking for free parking spaces.

59 percent of surveyed QSR franchise owners plan to integrate mobile apps/ordering or to develop an app in 2018.

15 Percent of the Detroit Lions Gridiron Club members who’ve tested their new order-ahead app so far.

50: Number of on-the-go-focused storefronts Dunkin’ Donuts plans to build by 2019.

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