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Today In Data: The Payments And Commerce Rapid Reset

Today In Data: The Payments And Commerce Rapid Reset

The world going into holiday 2018 is a very different place than it was even a year ago – though the changes may not be obvious at a quick glance. Contactless cards are proliferating and perhaps on the edge of U.S. ignition, and bitcoin has busted out of a boring period – though the value slides probably aren’t the type of excitement enthusiasts were after. Black Friday didn’t bust, but it was much more of an online and on-mobile experience than it has ever been, with only the truly nostalgic heading to the stores.


119 million: Number of contactless cards in circulation in the U.K. as of the end of 2017.

2,617: The number of times consumers touch their phones over the course of a day.

49 percent: Share of Black Friday online traffic generated by smartphones.

30 percent: The amount the value of bitcoin slid over last week.

3 percent: Share of Dunkin transactions made via mobile and pay-on-the-go ordering.