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Today In Data: Keeping Constantly Wooed Consumers Loyal

Today in Data: Keeping Wooed Consumers Loyal

It’s not an easy thing to build a loyal customer base, and keep it that way. Just ask the team at Walmart, as it fights off Amazon nipping at its heels. Or the world’s bitcoin boosters, where consumers are losing interest in bitcoin as quickly this year as they were finding it last year at this time. Retailers are looking to innovation to save the day when it comes to keeping their customers onboard and loyal, particularly around speed and ease of use. But the challenge remains standing out in a pack, when it seems every brand is trying to build out that same speedy, seamless experience.


$4,950: The price bitcoin briefly hit yesterday before climbing back above $5,000.

65.4 percent: Share of retailers that report innovating to improve customer loyalty.

8.9 percent: Share of U.S. consumer retail spend Walmart commands.

6.4 percent: Share of U.S. consumer retail spend Amazon commands.

22.1: Number of clicks it takes to finish a purchase online.