Today In Data

Today In Data: So Many Ways To Buy, So Little Time

Consumers love choice and are always ready to embrace the next big thing. The explosion of voice assistants and the smart speaker market are a testament to that. But customers also want what they can rely on – which is why subscription services of all stripes have grown in recent years. Getting used to new things is a challenge, and a regular relationship with a brand means one doesn’t have to get to know all that many new things. But even when well-insulated against it, change is coming, and those who want to succeed in the age of digital are learning how to evolve to meet the changes as they come.


80 percent: Share of Software-as-a-Service providers who will shift to a subscription business model by 2020.

75 percent: Share of food and beverage industry workers who reported an increase in fraud over the last year.

62 percent: Amazon’s share of the global smart speaker market.

30 percent: Share of restaurant sales expected to run through digital by 2025.

4: The number of years it took for voice assistants to reach a quarter of the U.S. public.