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Today In Data: Pulling Off A Good Twist Ending


It will never be said of Apple that they lacked a flair for the dramatic – and hitting the U.S. public market’s first $1 trillion market cap two decades after it stood on the brink of bankruptcy was a pretty good twist as far as endings go. Not all twist endings are good in payments and commerce, however. The consumers who thought they were buying from a real merchant only to find that it was a fraudster surely don’t like that last-minute reversal. But other twists, like mPOS changing how consumers and merchants think about the entirety of the checkout process? Well, that’s probably a twist ending in process, when in the future the only points of sale are mobile.


$1 Trillion: Apple’s market cap.

87 Billion: Projected number of annual mPOS transactions by 2023.

28 Billion: The number of mPOS transactions forecast for 2018.

$352: The amount of money laundered each year through fake merchant accounts.

90: The number of days Apple was from bankruptcy when Steve Jobs took over as CEO.