Today In Data

Today In Data: Fighting Fraud Without Frustrating Merchants 

For all the time, energy and effort spent fighting fraudsters, they are persistent in looking for ways to fight back. The costs are myriad, and can be measured in funds delayed to businesses that need them (for fear of fraud), innovations not experimented with because of the heightened risk environment, or time and treasure spent trying to keep at least a step or two ahead of the fraudsters. Plus, all of that effort to offer hackers and criminals a frustrating and difficult experience must be done in tandem with offering a smooth, seamless consumer experience.


135 percent: The increase in year-on-year volume of bank data on the dark web.

86 percent: Share of companies that have been hit with a cyberattack of some kind over the last 12 months.

40: The number of states that allow credit card cash-discount programs with card-present transactions.

21 days: The amount of time merchants can wait to receive their revenue from card sales due to holds.

15 percent: The UATP B2B payment network’s share of the global air travel market.