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Today In Data: Correctly Capturing The Moment Of Inspiration

The magic moment in commerce is when the customer sees it – and wants to buy it. The moment of inspiration when if that “buy button” is near enough at hand, the customer is going to convert. Sounds simple – but it’s not always easy to pull off. Inspiring a customer is not easy work to start with, and sometimes those charged with protecting consumer interests get a weirdly upside-down perspective on the issue – and they start giving consumers what they think they should want instead of what they actually do want. Sometimes it’s about inventing a new, more digital experience for customers to want. And sometimes it’s about knowing one’s customer base and integrating for the future to avoid the risk of being stuck in the past.


$2.19 billion: Valuation attached to China’s Baby Tree platform after Alibaba’s investment.

$2 billion: The amount of deposits Canada’s first digital bank EQ has taken in since its founding in 2016.

$1 million: What a NYC taxi medallion cost in 2015. Today, they auction for around $175,000.

51 percent: Share of millennials who are more willing to purchase from brands that offer a strong mobile experience.

.25 percent: Share of’s sales that are actually done in bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency).


Featured PYMNTS Study:

More than 63 percent of merchant service providers (MSPs) want to overhaul their core payment processing systems so they can up their value-added services (VAS) game. It’s tough, though, since many of these systems date back to the pre-digital era. In the January 2020 Optimizing Merchant Services Playbook, PYMNTS unpacks what 200 MSPs say is key to delivering the VAS agenda that is critical to their success.