Today In Data: The Power In Picking The Right Partners

Good partnerships – Abbott and Costello, Jobs and Wozniak, chocolate and peanut butter – can change the world. When combined, the two individual elements can become more than the mere combination of their parts. But, of course, one has to pick the right partners. The wrong PoS partnerships for restaurants are expensive … and those investors that decided to pair up with Theranos found that misguided partnerships were really, really expensive. On top of that, one has to be patient, because while some partnerships will be great someday – like the one widely forecasted between people and AIs, it will be a while before we get there. And, of course, one has to be mature enough to understand the economy they work in, and adjust their partnerships accordingly. It’s a lot to do – but worth doing, since it always pays to have friends in the right places.

$700 million: The amount Theranos was about to raise from investors between 2015 – 2017.

$10,000: What restaurants can expect to pay per location, per year to run their software.

30 years: The amount of time some experts predict it will take AI to reach human-level conversation fluidity.

11 percent: The amount the U.S. dollar was down at the beginning of Q2.

3: The number of years eBay estimates it will take to get Apple Pay fully available on its marketplace for customers.