Today In Data

Today In Data: Picking Between David And Goliath

In a David vs. Goliath story, usually the smart money is better on Goliath being bigger, stronger and better armed. The grocery market right now, for example, is mostly a question as to whether any Davids in the game can stand up to the resident Goliaths, Amazon and Walmart. But sometimes Davids make it through – the plucky startup that makes medical equipment for the blind, or the two scooter companies in San Francisco who beat out the likes of Uber and Lyft to get their permits. Of course, not every underdog is a sympathetic sort – just ask Tony Sands, the plucky little upstart who made tens of millions running frauds.

100 million: The number of people who shop at Walmart weekly.

£30 million: The amount of money Tony Sales stole in his career as a fraudster.

$10,000: The cost of some support devices for visually impaired consumers.

40 percent: Share that Amazon’s grocery sales went up in Q2 2018.

12: The total number of firms looking for electric scooter permits in San Francisco.