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Today In Data: Minding And Filling The Payments Gaps

Today in Data: Minding and Filling Retail Gaps

Increasingly everything is online these days, up to and including consumer identity. That means many things are changing for the better: Checks, for the first time ever, aren’t the majority of B2B payments, and consumers of all ages have an increasing number of entry points to the digital economy. But there are also gaps: consumers unbanked, and places where the pace of innovation is pricing out those who can’t afford to be cutting-edge. The challenge for the digital economy is to find ways to fill those gaps as efficiently as they expose their existence.


$10 billion: Current value of the global digital identity market.

217 percent: The increase in searches for home listings in Crystal City, Virginia since Amazon officially announced it as one of two HQ2 locations.

46 percent: Share of B2B payments made by check.

24 percent: Share of millennials who are credit union members.

6.5 percent: Share of U.S. households that were wholly unbanked in 2017.