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Today In Data: The ‘More Is More’ Environment

Today in Data: ‘More Is More’ in Retail Payments

When it comes to interior design or spicing your Thanksgiving turkey, there is something to be said for a “less is more” aesthetic. But in payments and commerce, “more is more” is usually the order of the day. Whether it comes to funds, speed or number of payment options, very few consumers are on an active hunt for businesses that can give them less. Which means the challenge is always to offer more, even when it requires firms to find ways to do so with fewer resources.


$1 billion: The amount in investment capital Bain has raised for targeting startup companies.

135.4: Number of seconds it traditionally takes a customer to check out.

84 percent: Share of consumers who thought grocery would be the dominant use case for tap and pay.

65 percent: Share of consumers who report being interested in tap and pay as a method to pay for things faster.

4 percent: Share of its workforce Blue Apron has pruned in its attempts to cuts costs by $16 million.