Today In Data

Today In Data: Building A Better Self-Service World

Consumers, as it turns out, like to be able to do for themselves whenever easily possible. Online or in the real world, while shopping for goods or ordering food, consumers’ favorite experiences seem to be the ones they can self-direct. The trick is making self-direction easier, by enabling more context in commerce – and ensuring consumers can make equal choices between various channels with comparable levels of transparency, speed and security when they want to buy an item, manage their money or pay a bill. Increasingly, it seems retailers need not only ask what they can do for their consumers, as those consumers want to be doing it on their own.


96 percent: Share of social media-based merchants that attribute their success to digital payments.

75 percent: Share of online bill payments done on bill payer sites in 2017.

74 percent: Share of customers who reported a positive experience with kiosk ordering.

62 percent: Share of customers who reported being more likely to visit a QSR because of technology.

38 percent: Share of online bill payments made through banking apps in 2010.