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Today In Data: Connecting The Dots In The Ticketing Landscape

Today in Data: Retail in the Ticketing Landscape

Reselling platforms are seeking to take on risk and delays in the ticketing space by connecting fragmented infrastructures. At the same time, a large share of customers still use passwords for authentication even though they have been said to be ineffective time and again. In addition, retailers like Zola are providing digital upgrades to the old wedding registry model by allowing couples to direct their wedding guests to purchase gifts from hundreds of brands through their platform.


60,000: The number of products that Zola’s registry offers from hundreds of brands.

70 percent: The share of businesses that say they would benefit from real-time disbursement capabilities.

58.4 percent: The portion of customers who are required to use a password to authenticate.

26 percent: The share of users who authenticated with a mobile device.

1.9 billion: The total number of disbursements made by American companies to consumers each year.