Today In Data

Today In Data: Variety Is The Spice Of Life (And Commerce, And Payments)

A little choice goes a long way in a digital economy. Being able to choose the pace of payments is critical for businesses, as letting customers choose how deeply involved they are in a membership means one can often sign up more customers. And offering more choice – say, by freeing up developers to choose better and more interesting options for the firms they serve – doesn’t just boost efforts today … it also expands the universe of choices that can be offered in the future.


$300 billion: Annual loss to GDP caused by misallocation of developer time.

$165 billion: The expected value of mobile P2P payments by the end of 2018.

65 percent: Share of global merchants taking real-time payments.

30 percent: The average amount of time software engineers spend maintaining legacy systems.

$3.99: What Sinemia customers pay per month for access to a single movie.