Today In Data

Giving The People What They Want

The customer has spoken. These days it isn’t so much about giving them what they want, so much as it is about giving customers all the things they want — preferably yesterday. So, how to deliver when the demand has gotten so big?

It’s not impossible to please customers these days. Credit unions are doing so day in and day out with an incredibly high rate of success, according to the data. But it’s not easy because buyers want more, wherever and whenever they’re transacting —  whether that’s through online checkout, where consumers want the single, streamlined experience at a physical point of sale, or at their favorite morning coffee haunt, where they’re looking to grab their order and go. Since it’s ultimately unwise to fight the customer — who is, after all, always right — the smart investment is to give in and make sure the desired experience is on hand in the form of promotions or payments.

33 million: The number of people enrolled in Visa Checkout.

81 percent: The share of people who report satisfaction with their credit union.

76 percent: The share of QSRs that offer in-store promotions.

57 percent: The share of Top 20 QSRs that accept contactless payments.

191: The number of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations in California and Arizona getting mobile order-ahead capabilities.