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The Results Are In

In its quarterly earnings call, PayPal was bullish on mobile, which was perhaps to be expected with the kinds of recruitment and use numbers the firm was sporting. But PayPal wasn’t the only big player rocking some encouraging figures — Visa posted big transaction and international numbers and debuted a new attitude about digital payments interoperability. Also looking good, by the figures, was biometric authentication, which has won over a shocking number of merchants in almost no time at all. But there were other, less cheering numerical realities to face — like the fact that the clock is ticking down on Europe’s GDPR deadline and business who aren’t ready face potentially “serious consequences.”

$1.9 trillion: Visa’s Q2 2018 total payments volume, up 12 percent from this time last year.

90 percent: The share of businesses that plan to use biometrics by the year 2020.

1 month: The approximate amount of time between today and the GDPR deadline of May 25.

8.1 million: The number of new active users PayPal added in Q1 2018.

52 percent: The amount PayPal mobile volume has increased year over year.


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