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How Big Tech Helps Businesses Find New Customers

How Big Tech Helps Businesses Find New Customers

Big Tech is helping large and small companies find new customers and build their businesses. And trust is important at a time when businesses are becoming more digitally connected. In retail, snack food company Chirps is seeking to save the planet by serving up crickets, and robotization is critical to Amazon’s one-day shipping vision. All this, Today In Data.


2020: The year that interconnected devices will outnumber human beings by about four to one.

900%: The increase in “near me today/tonight” searches between 2015 and 2017.

75: Pounds of meat per year that each human being consumes on average.

40: Approximate number of Amazon’s sortation centers worldwide.

1.8 million: Number of apps consumers can search for, find and download on Apple’s App Store.